Hi Mom!

19 Sep

I just wanted to take a minute and say hi to my family and friends who have been coming to my blog lately. Every time I see a familiar ‘face’ on my feed, I smile – it always feels good to have people that care about you and are interested in your life, activities and your views.

In honour of my loved ones, I’m posting some of the professional photographs that just came in from our wedding. E and I are very lucky to have had an amazing photographer, Holly Bond Farrell of HBF Photo – we’re even luckier to have her and her family in our lives as our friends.

P.S. My entry for Iron Cupcake:Earth should be in on Sunday – I’ll give you the lowdown on my latest creation, and tell you the details on how to vote for me then! :wink, wink:

One Response to “Hi Mom!”

  1. Donna September 23, 2008 at 2:51 PM #

    I love reading your blogs and who wouldn’t love being a part of the subject of one of them. The pictures look beautiful. I can’t wait to see them all

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