Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

22 Apr


I’ve decided I totally have the best readers in the Blogosphere. I may not have the most, but I most certainly have the best. You’ve been so kind and supportive during the last few weeks, and I really appreciate it. If nothing else, it’s taught me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m not alone. Pretty powerful statement, huh?

You know what that means? You’re not alone, either.

I may not be on the cover of People or on Oprah just yet for my fabulously flab-free self just yet, but I’m here for you. Yes, you. Whenever and if ever you ever need advice, support or just someone to chit-chat with, I’m here. E-mail me at livelaughgrow at gmail dot com anytime, day or night, and I’ll be there. Think of me as your lean-to gal!

In other news, the next few days are going to be fairly posteriffic if I do say so myself (and I do), with a few recipes, product reviews and even a giveaway on Friday. Plus, Saturday’s boot camp day, and I’ll be sure to tell you allll about it.


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