beany baby

30 Apr

About yesterday’s whole ‘broken foot episode’ – I was doing some cardio and resistance training in the pool with Stacey, and thought I had enough room to kick my foot back. Apparently, I did not, and ended up smashing my foot, from toes to ankle, against the cement wall. I’m pretty sure my foot’s not broken, which is great news, but it’s still a little sore, so I didn’t go to the gym today, which sucks. I’m thinking of going while E’s at a community meeting. My workouts at night are definitely not as productive, but it’s better than not going at all, right?

Last night’s dinner was pretty good – I ended up serving the cassoulet on top of whole wheat toast, with a side salad and a couple of teeny tiny pickled beets. Verdict? Good, but not great. While we both would eat it again, it definitely needs more pizzazz. The liquid smoke, sriracha, lemon pepper and herbs definitely helped, but it needs more. I’m thinking parmesan, capers/olives and crusty loaf of french bread for dipping.

Breakfast today was boring, but a nice change – a couple of Kashi GoLean waffles toasted up and topped with Smart Balance with Flax and Lime Marmalade. After yesterday, I’m still jonesing for some Mexican, so that’s what inspired lunch. A corn tortilla toasted up in the oven, and topped with a dip I mixed up from organic canned black beans, nonfat yogurt, a whole bunch of cilantro, corn niblets, Blue Smoke salsa, 2% shredded cheddar and a few drops of Tabasco, which was then put under the broiler for a few minutes. Delish! I had a couple of pieces of sliced turkey breast, a little more of the dip, and baby carrots on the side.

It’s almost 4 o’clock, and I still have no idea what to make for dinner. I had something in mind, but if E and I are going to be all over the place, I’ll make it tomorrow night instead for maximum enjoyment. I think I’ll make it easy on both of us, and make something simple. I feel like every day is passing by so quickly that if I blink, I’ll miss it. Hopefully, this weekend will be a little less hectic than the last few.


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