26 to 27, Day 2

18 May

I’m being a much better reader than I am a writer lately – there’s a little too much good stuff being published on my Google Reader that I get sucked in when I probably should be writing! Day 2 was busy, busy – appointments, volunteering and dinner out with friends. At least I got some gym time in, right?

The day started with a workout around 8:30, which was much later than planned. Our sleep schedule is still so off track, but it’s getting better every day (I think?). The original plan included swimming and strength training, but I ended up just doing cardio instead. Instead of water, E and I mixed up some watermelon Xtend, a supplement from Scivation, in blender bottles. Xtend has no sugar, carbs or calories according to FDA guidelines, and is supposed to double your fat loss, muscle gain and strength when compared to whey protein, while helping with recovery. It uses branch chain amino acids, among other ingredients, and is pretty tasty, although a little bitter. We bought our first jug in Montreal back in February and liked it so much we bought two more! I haven’t seen much of a result yet, but we haven’t used it consistently, so only time will tell.

After a little over half an hour of incline intervals on the treadmill, I tried out the Stairmaster for the first time, and set out to do ten minutes. I made it to 13, sweat up a storm and called it quits. Total workout was 45 minutes, with an estimated 395 calories burned.

I didn’t eat anything before heading to the gym, and only had enough time once I got home to shower and head out to the doctor’s. I grabbed a yogurt and organic toaster pastry around 10:45 – poor planning on my part. It was good, but not very filling. Breakfast came out to 290 calories, 44g of carbs, 6g of fat and 15g of protein.

Between a frustrating meeting at school and working at the Kitchen, we stopped for a quick lunch at Jewel City, a local favourite. I had a huge garden salad with lemon juice, a tuna kebob, a hush puppy and some green beans, and it was amazing as always! Lunch came out to 497 calories, 47g of carbs, 12g of fat and 55g of protein.

The afternoon at the Kitchen was a blast today; we did really simple chicken fajitas with a few kids from a local middle school, a potato-leek soup. I grabbed some hot water for tea and Peeled Snacks apricots from Starbucks across the street. I was craving a chocolate cookie, but the fruit was a better choice; I love that they have better grab and go options now, but the apricots were just okay, and were much drier than I prefer. Add in about 1/4 cup of chicken and veg, and this snack came in 149 calories, 30g of carbohydrates, 1g of fat and 8g of protein.

Ev and I met up with some friends for Indian, and by the time we got there, we were both starving! I definitely ate more than I planned, but all in all, it wasn’t too bad, I suppose. The table shared some vegetarian appetizers, and I had some pappadum with mint chutney, 1/2 a samosa and 2 small pakora, followed by 1/2 a roti, 1/2 an order of lamb jalfrezi, 1/4 cup of basmati rice, a little bit of E’s veggie masala and a bite of his carrot halwa, with a tootsie roll for dessert. The jalfrezi is a dry curry and was the best part, with tons of vegetables like asparagus, broccoli and carrots. Dinner’s total was 821 calories, 99g of carbs, 32g of fat and 33g of protein.

Overall, the day wasn’t too bad; I had 10 glasses of water, and felt pretty good throughout, but after dinner I was pretty sluggish. I’m not too surprised since it was so carb and fat heavy, and it pushed me to the top of my calorie range. Totals? 1758 calories, 220g of carbs, 52g of fat and 113g of protein, for a ratio of 48.9/25.9/25.2


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