Aba, Aba!

19 May

The internet at the hotel is slooooow like molasses! Don’t they know I’ve got some living to do??? I don’t know that reading what I eat every day or the nutritionals is interesting to any of you, but so far, it’s keeping me a little more accountable. Plus, at the end of the challenge, it’ll be a little easier to point out success (or not). The gym didn’t happen yesterday; I had a rough night, and headed out to sleep on the couch around 3:30 in the morning. E managed to wake me up around 6:30, but after heading upstairs and getting changed, there was some major cramping going on. Switched back to PJs, headed back to bed, and slept for another 4 hours. Once I woke up, I felt remarkably better. Not great, but better. Breakfast was had immediately; Kashi GoLean, Kix and nonfat milk – 258 calories/52g carbs/2g fat/19g protein.

Lunch was around 1:30 – leftover lamb jalfrezi and basmati rice on a whole grain tortilla and vanilla yogurt. I love cold leftovers, so this was perfect, and the lamb got nice and spicy overnight. The yogurt is from Kroger, and while it’s not organic or vegetarian, I appreciate that it’s HFCS-free, which can be hard to find. It’s really low in carbs and sugar, and has 12g of protein – the best part? At 3 for $1, it’s really cheap. Plus, it tastes good! It definitely doesn’t replace the Greek stuff, but it’s in the rotation. 475 calories/44g of carbs/16g of fat/44g of protein.

On the way to pick up my dad and stepmom, E and I munched on mini peppers and carrots – I had 3 carrots and 2 1/2 peppers, for 108 calories/26g carbs/1g fat/2g protein.

We weren’t sure where to take Dad and Caryl, so we went to Joe Fazio’s, a family favourite – who doesn’t like Italian? True story: Ev’s grandpa and Joe were really good friends as kids, and landed in jail when they were 7 for stealing bananas from a vendor’s stand. Every time we go to the restaurant, it reminds me of Grandpa and I get a huge smile on my face!

I had a chunk of canteloupe, a cracker and a dab of housemade pimento cheese spread from the starter plate, a garden salad with no croutons and 1/2 a tablespoon of parmesan peppercorn dressing, a piece of their famous garlic bread, a fillet of broiled grouper with lemon and half of a baked potato with 4 oz. of sangria for dinner. I also had 2 cups of hot tea and a bite of E’s tiramisu for dessert. Yum! 840 calories/85g carbs/27g fat/55g protein.

My parents brought with them a taste of home, per my mother’s recommendation – BAGELS! Montreal’s famous for them, and they’re chewy and delicious, so thanks Mom! My Bubby Selma also slipped in a sweet treat, a box of Lowney’s chocolate maraschino cherries and a handwritten note. They taste kind of like cough syrup, but in a good grandma-kind of way.

One broke in transit, but we each had one as a sweet treat, and it was wonderful. 60 calories/13g carbs/1g fat/0g protein.

It was a looooong day, and we crawled into be way past bedtime. I’m starting to notice that no matter how much I eat during the day, dinner is pretty much always over 500 calories. I get hungrier at night than I am in the day, so I need to start planning accordingly. Daily total? 1742 calories/220g carbs/47g fat/120g protein, or 49.5%/23.5%/27%.

Gotta go hop in the shower; meeting up with the rents at their hotel in a few – the plan for today is some sightseeing, shopping and Chicago tonight. Happy Wednesday!

One Response to “Aba, Aba!”

  1. E May 21, 2010 at 10:42 AM #

    That was a great mini-vacation!

    Even though I was working through much of it, it was fun.

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