Guest Post: On Growing + Blogging

22 Jun

Today’s guest post is courtesy of none other than Mara from Medicinal Marzipan herself! Not only is she a truly gifted writer, but as the woman behind Body Image Warriors, Mara promotes, instills and encourages truly unconditional self-love, positive body image and learning to live an authentic life. In short, she’s just plain awesome, and someone everyone, male or female, should have in their life. You can check her out over at Medicinal Marzipan, or on Twitter.


On Growing and Blogging

by Mara Glatzel

The thing about being a “grower” is that it is sometimes hard to settle down and relax, because there is always something more that you can be doing, someone better that you can become, or some way to improve upon your behavior. I was a very therapy-ed child. My parents took me to therapy first because they were certain that I was going to suffer from negative mental health repercussions due to their separation, and then subsequently to improve my relationship with my mother. I was taught to punch my little fists into pillows when I was angry, to use “I” statements to describe how I was feeling, to talk it out when I had a problem.

Despite the therapy, I think that maybe I was also just born this way, with the drive to be better, smarter, more developed. I always had an uncanny way of observing my faults, and wanting to improve upon them. For the most part, this is an aspect of my personality that I admire, however, I do acknowledge that it can be complicated at times.

Growing is important, but cutting yourself some slack and loving yourself as you are is also important. A person cannot exist in a constant state of growth, because attempting to do so can keep you from living your life on a daily basis and really enjoying the things around you. Taking a break from self improvement, and recuperating some of your energy, can allow you more longevity in accomplishing your dreams as well, as you are allowing yourself the chance to make mistakes and take things slowly.

There is no reason to attempt to figure everything out and conquer the world today. Take your time, learn from your mistakes, have fun with the process. This is important for all people, but it is especially important for bloggers! If you don’t make mistakes and learn from them, what would you have to share with other people? How would you be progressing as a person? Mistakes are endearing. Mistakes are honest. Within my own life, and my blog, I value honesty above all else. When I look at myself and my life, I no longer demand perfection, but I do demand honesty. That is why I work my hardest to blog about all of the off days too – the days where I don’t love myself very much or feel very good about my body, the days when I am depressed, the days when I think mean and hateful thoughts – because those days are all a part of learning to love myself more and grow into a better person. No one person has it all figured out, so don’t forget that we are all human and all doing the best that we can.

What do you think? How learn to love yourself and your faults? Do you have any advice?


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