Guest Post: Baby, I was BORN to run. . .

23 Jun

Today’s guest post comes from Alison of Foster Fitness. Not only is she known for her hysterical and insightful recaps on popular shows such as The Biggest Loser and Dance Your A** Off, but Alison is maintaining a loss of over 60 lbs., AND is an ACE certified personal trainer. She’s beauty, brains and brawn all rolled into one, and I can always count on her to light a flame under me when things don’t go my way, workout-wise.


I am super pleased to be a guest on Carly’s blog.  I “met” Carly when I started the C25K app in December.  I read via Twitter that she was having some problems starting the program, and I wrote to her to tell her we could do it together!  Add to that she lives in Huntington, West Virginia, home of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and a cyber friendship was born!

It’s amazing how a simple app can open so many doors.  I stopped doing the C25K challenge in January because it was TOO cold here in New York city to start trying to train to run.  What, was I crazy?  I kept imagining my lungs freezing and someone finding me on the side of the running path with onset frost bite.  I am being dramatic here, but running to me was hard enough- why compound it with January’s cold?

Running to me sets other athletes apart.  The ease of runners as they cruise past me, worn running shoes and assorted running event shirts, their speed and agility:  I want to be a part of that!  It took me a long time to convince myself that I wasn’t going to die while running.  I started at a boot camp a couple of years ago, running around the reservoir in Central Park.  I had to stop and walk several times, but I finally made it all the way around.  As the summer progressed, my body adapted and I found that I actually enjoyed running.  I was in a show in Florida during the winter months and was able to keep running up until I moved back to New York and stopped until it was warmer outside.  I don’t own a treadmill, so I got a little lazy.  I stopped.

Then I read about the C25K app for the Iphone and purchased it, hoping that it would put me on the right track.  I have never participated in a race, and I was hoping that this simple app would give me the courage I needed to actually sign up for a race and participate.  I would finally be a runner!

Last night I ran through Central Park.  It was misty and cool, the sun nowhere in sight.  I ran through the trees, and could smell the strong scent of earth, grass, blossoms on the trees.  The only sounds were my feet on the pavement, my breath, and the other runners as we passed each other.  I didn’t need the validation of the race:  I KNEW I was a runner.  I felt like a runner.  I am officially the athlete I have always wanted to be.


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