Guest Post: Embrace It!

27 Jun

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Jaime from Embracing Balance. She’s working on walking the very fine line between healthy and happy, and I’ve got to say, she’s doing a fantastic job at it! Plus, she’s a fellow Canadian, and I love seeing little bits and pieces of home in every post. Enjoy!

– C

· Hi, my name is Jaime and I love cookies!

o Thankfully I also love fruit.

· and cheeseburgers.

o and salads.

· and decadent dinners out on the town.

o and cardio (*cough* OK, love might be stretch on that one).

· and sitting on the couch staring at the tube.

o and yoga.

As you can see there is quite a need for balance in my life.  Way too many of the tasty things are bad for us.  Way too many of the fun things are bad for us.  There is a necessity for finding tasty and fun things that are good for us too.  Turns out balance is achievable…we just have to step out and look for it!

No one says give up those cookies or decadent dinners (every girl needs a quality date night once in a while…and I don’t know about you, but ordering a fluffy salad at a fancy restaurant just doesn’t seem right to me) but the old adage about doing things in moderation truly is the way to go.  Bake those cookies!  Just make a small batch so the whole plate isn’t tempting you. Then tomorrow eat a salad! 🙂 Go for that dinner, but maybe hit the gym first to earn your fabulous meal!

We all struggle with cravings and sometimes they are hard to ignore…but I can tell you is that there is balance to be found.  If you deprive yourself completely you’ll never find that happy, healthy place most of us are looking for.  When one of those days hits take the time to step back and think about it. What can you do to conquer that craving? Is there a healthier option that would curb the desire? or can you be extra healthy for the next two days and really enjoy that treat when you’ve earned it?  or maybe you’ll hit the treadmill and burn up those extra calories and savour every bite of that well-deserved meal?

Whatever your options may be, the point is there is balance out there for all of us. We just have to get out there and embrace it.

Thanks to Carly for asking me to pop by Live Laugh Grow for this post.  I hope you enjoy and take a trip over to my little blog at Embracing Balance and say hello!  🙂


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