Guest Post: Moments

30 Jun

Thanks to Nicci of Nifty Eats for today’s guest post. When she’s not working a loaded schedule as the executive assistant for a non-profit, Nicci is out living life with no apologies. By pursuing her passion for healthy living through her culinary experiments and indulging in her love for yoga, pilates and running, Nicci is living healthy with style, and encouraging others to do the same.


State (born): North Dakota
State (currently living in): Great Sate of Texas
Age: 27

Marital Status: Taken but not married
Pets: 1 extremely cute miniature border collie

Favorite thing to blog about: Food, Fitness and Fun. Learning how to fuel my body with exercise and cook easy Nifty meals.

Hi ”Live Laugh Grow”  readers, I’m Nicci over at Nifty Eats. I was excited to do a Guest Post for Carly while she is away in Israel.

My favorite ”Live Laugh Grow” moments…

Kombucha Experiment

The thought of a sour drink that’s good for you….sure. [full story here]

(what a face)

Hardcore Breast Cancer Awareness Boot Camp

Heart pumping workout for a good cause [full story]

Living, Laughing and Growing in this new adventure everyday!!


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